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A musician is playing on a public piano. This man walks up and blows everyone away.


In Paris, theres a single piano that stands in a train station.

Its called a “a vous de jouer” piano, or a its your turn piano, a few of which are placed around the city. Basically, it works like this: If you want to play it, you can simply sit down and start playing. Beginners or pros, it doesnt matter. They are open and available to anyone.

Naturally you get a lot of noodling around, a lot of practicing and experimenting. But on this particular day, the public was in for a huge treat. One man sits down and plays. Then another man reaches over his shoulder and starts hitting some keys. Then things just blow up. These two strangers create a masterful, powerful performance that blew everyone away. Definitely a must see of a very rare performance which just sort of happened!

Spaniard Gerard Pla Dar and Nassim Zaouche, from Algeria, are the two piano players, and it’s true they never had met one another before. They joined together for an impromptu interpretation of the piece, “Una Mattina”, by Luddovico Einaudi. This certainly blew everyone away and what a wonderful chance encounter that ended up creating some serious piano magic! Share this amazing street performance with all your friends and family!

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