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Paracord: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know



SPTAG 1 TTThe gaming world may seem like it’s ruled by Fortnite , but Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon. In the 10 years since the very first Java edition ran public, it’s sold 176 million copies. More than 90 million people play it each month, and that number has gone up every year, boosted most recently by 200 million Chinese users. Between PCs, game consoles, mobile, and VR devices, you can buy it for 20 different platforms. Videos of people playing the open-ended sandbox game still get tens of < em> billions of views every year on YouTube.

Of course, it’s also a decade old. While Microsoft has induced significant updates nearly every year since acquiring video games from original developer Mojang in 2012, there’s never been a < em> new Minecraft.( There was episodic point-and-click title Minecraft: Story Mode , sure, and dungeon-crawling escapade game Minecraft: Dungeons is coming to PC later this year, but neither of those delivers the core build experience that defines the game .) So how do you do something new that the whole world can play? You put it out in the world.

Minecraft Earth , which Microsoft announces today, is an augmented-reality-driven mobile game that blockifies the planet. When it comes out later this summer, iOS and Android users will be able to construct a “build, ” as the block-based environments are known, anywhere they want–on a tabletop, on their couch, on the floor–and even invite their friends to help. When they’re done, they can construct that construct life-size and walk around inside it. Out in the world, in parks and at other landmarks, players can take part in short escapades by themselves or with anyone else in the area, then use the spoilings to level up their character and make their build even more impressive. It’s a massive undertaking that quite literally encompasses the entire globe in Minecraft — and is the biggest step yet taken toward the two-ply world of shared, persistent augmented reality.