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We’re benefiting from a go-getting moon this week as the sun highlights Aries. If you’re inspired to take on the world this week, don’t hold back. Sunday’s waning moon in Aquarius lasts until 11:01 p.m EST, helping us to think about new ways to wrap up old projects. Don’t overexert yourself, as she goes void-of-course until 10:48 a.m EST on Monday, entering deep feeling Pisces. Meanwhile, chatty Mercury conjuncts intuitive Neptune on Tuesday, connecting us to our spiritual needs. Our collective emotional intelligence will improve across the board. Use this time to get through deeper the questions or build strong relationships. The moon wanes into Pisces on Wednesday, going void-of-course again until 10:56 p.m EST when she enters action-minded Aries. The waning-to-new moon in this sign can feel frustrating like you’ve got too many notions but no way to act. Take time to strategize — you’ll be saving a great deal of time and energy. Our new moon arrived at the Aries at 4:50 a.m EST, illuminating a fire from within. Collect that passion for getting started on projects that are close to your heart. The moon waxes in financial-minded Taurus on Saturday, giving you the stamina you need to see them through.

AriesMarch 21 to April 19

You’re the superstar of the indicate this week, Aries. The sunlight lights up your first house of ego, first impressions, and appearance. Find power in your season to inspire your community. If you’ve been thinking about dedicating back, why not look into volunteer positions in your area? Neptune, your spiritual ruler conjuncts Mercury, your personal planet of health and run. Use your positive position to make a humanitarian effort and link up with some new friends. Thursday’s new moon begins in your sign, giving you the zest you need to subdue a big project. The moon waxes full on the 19 th, so consider what you could accomplish by then by making a short term scheme. The moon is Aries personal planet of home and family. Before you start to brainstorm, think about how this could affect your domestic situation. Check in with your peers to get their feedback before you proceed.

Celia Jacobs.

TaurusApril 20 to May 20

Your connection to your deeper self is improved this week while the sun illuminates your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion. Keep trusting your gut — it’s wiser than ever. If you need to make any financial decisions on Tuesday, you’ll be on the right track.

Perceptive Neptune conjuncts your fund planet, Mercury guiding your decision. It’s a good day to get ahead, and these two planets will help you to deal with indebtednes or make an investment. On Friday, the moon begins a new cycle in Aries, inspiring you to take the reins of a new project. You’ll be able to put your fund where your mouth is when the moon waxes in your sign on Saturday at 9:06 a.m. But before you pursue your latest venture, consider how it affects your spiritual side.


GeminiMay 21 to June 20

Spring is just starting to warm up, and so are you, Gemini. The beautiful sunshine glistened his light on your 11th house of groups, relationships, and aims this week, giving you the energy to socialize, entertain and get shit done. Think about joining some meetups this week for your favorite interests to meet some new faces. If you’ve been searching for project partners to co-manage a project, you could find a kindred spirit. On Tuesday, such a person could uncover themselves when ruling Mercury conjuncts Neptune, your status planet. This conjunction could even inspire you to invite colleagues to your home as Mercury regulations your home and family zones. Wherever you fulfill, you will connect on a deeper level. Collaborate, socialize and inspire each other. Your financial planet, the moon has you wrapping up old projects, taxes, and bills until Friday when the new moon arrives in Aries. You’ll feel revived once you’re organized, so enjoy the fresh slate.

Amber Vittoria.

CancerJune 21 to July 22

It’s hard for you to think about anything else but work at the moment, Cancer. That’s because of your financial planet, the sun, is illuminating your 10th house of career, structure and public image. You might even be pointed out that your social media likes and follows are up a little higher than usual. While you’ve got their attention, try out new forms of expression — you could get noticed. On Tuesday, Mercury, your personal planet of spirituality conjuncts Neptune, your planetary ruler of good fortune. Follow your instincts and open yourself up to the world. You never know what possibilities are out there unless you try. The moon, your ruling planet begins a new cycle in fiery Aries at 4:50 a.m EST, uplifting your thoughts. You might not know where to displace this energy. Hold on to it until Saturday morning at 9:06 a.m. EST to start forging ahead.

Ariel Davis.

LeoJuly 23 to August 22

If you’ve been dying to go on a trip, find a way to make it happen, Leo. The sunshine, your sign’s ruler brightens your 9 th house of exploration, escapade, and faith this week, giving you an optimistic opinion of the world. If you can’t go far, visit a nearby city or connect with nature. On Tuesday, introspective Neptune conjuncts Mercury, your planetary ruler of money. Use this day to get better insight into your finances — you could learn a money-saving tip or two by chatting with your friends. On Friday, the moon starts a new cycle in fellow flame sign Aries, bringing your focus to a pinpoint. If you feel like you can’t act, lay out a plan to give yourself a better understanding of your timelines.

Lynnie Z.

VirgoAugust 23 to September 22

You’re in the process of shedding your skin this week, Virgo. The sun highlightings your 8th house of transformation, mystery and dramatic change. Reinvention takes time, so be gentle with yourself while you enter your next phase. Mercury, your career planet, conjuncts Neptune, Virgo’s planetary ruler of love on Tuesday. If you’re single, it’s likely that you could become smitten with person in your network or at the office. If you’re thinking of dating a colleague — test the waters carefully. Partnered Virgos will be able to communicate more freely about their aspirations with partners on this day. Don’t be afraid to get deep, as these two planets will enhance understanding. Friday’s new moon in Aries will spark something inside you to start spring with a bang.

Simone Noronha.

LibraSeptember 23 to October 22

Your ability to understand different perspectives in your relationships is what stimulates you strong, Libra. The sun helps to burgeon your emotional intelligence all week as he lights up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. It’s helping to keep your focus at work as the moon, your career planet wanes from Sunday to Friday morning. On Tuesday, Libra’s luck planet Mercury conjuncts Neptune your health and run ruler. Take advantage of this favorable positioning while streamlining your day-to-day tasks. If you haven’t yet, attach your spring clean and tick off your to-do listing. The moon gets you inspired for your next big gig on the 5th, as she begins a new cycle in Aries. Take a page from the ram’s volume and get grooving.

Sarah Mazzeti.

ScorpioOctober 23 to November 21

Maintaining your focus is your first priority this week, Scorpio. Hop on to a new healthy habit while the sun inhabits your 6th house of health, order, and service. Our star is also your personal planetary ruler of career, so consider how your personal health impacts your professional life. If you’ve been spending too much time at the office, it’s ok to talk to your director about how you can prioritize your personal health. It’s time to look out for number one. Reach out to others on Tuesday when communication planet Mercury conjuncts perceptive Neptune. It’s a beautiful day to find common ground. Pay attention to your desires on Thursday night, as inspiration ten-strikes on Friday, in line with the new moon in Aries arrival at 4:50 a.m. EST. You’ll have a better understanding of your latest direction on Saturday morning when the moon waxes in Taurus.

Kelsey Wrotten.

SagittariusNovember 22 to December 21

Your imagination is powerful, Sagittarius. The sun brightens your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance, bringing out your sense of wonder. If you’re single, confiscate each moment to satisfy new friends and explore new social circles. When you find inspiration, devote credit to and celebrate the artist. On Tuesday, Mercury your personal career planet conjuncts Neptune, your planet of home and family. It’s an excellent day to connect with family and get their feedback about your work. You could meet great insights to help you find a happier placement. Connect with your partner and discuss your future together. Be open about your needs and desires to get a clearer understanding of how to make your next move. Meditate on these believes on Friday morning, when we enter a new moon in Aries. You’ll be made available for action on Saturday morning when the moon begins waxing in hardworking Taurus.

Kissi Ussuki.

CapricornDecember 22 to January 19

When it comes to home and family, you may be experiencing a smoother ride thanks to Uranus’s departure from your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. The tide is turning, and you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun’s glow on this same house this week. Celebrate your new observed harmony with your family on Tuesday, when Mercury conjuncts Neptune. The messenger planet regulations Capricorn’s health and work zones, while dreamy Neptune is responsible for communications. Determining a healthy balance comes with learning and sharing your knowledge. Listen to your friends and family when looking for new ways to revitalize yourself. The latest health tendency that they love could be exciting to try. At least, do it for the story. Connecting with your co-workers will be easier thanks to this movement, take advantage and share your most significant ideas to help your team. Your personal love planet, the moon wanes until Friday when it begins a new cycle in active Aries. If you’ve wanted to get into touch with someone, hold off while the moon is in a lul. Switch your read receipts back on Saturday morning when the moon waxes in Taurus.

Loveis Wise.

AquariusJanuary 20 to February 18

Voicing your opinion and connecting with your peers invigorates you this week, Aquarius. The sunlight, your personal planet of love highlightings your 3rd house of communication, gues, and community all week. Exchange notions with colleagues and friends on Tuesday when Mercury conjuncts with your financial planet Neptune. Discussing fund can give you great insight or even subtle pushes towards creating a more balanced life. On Friday, the moon, your personal planet of health and run gives you a boost when she enters a new cycle in Aries. The Ram’s indomitable zest will help you to find the inspiration you need to create a solid routine for your well being. You won’t feel like sleeping in on Saturday when the moon moves into steady Taurus.

Hilda Palafox.

PiscesFebruary 19 to March 20

The sun, your planetary ruler of health and run lights up your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions, stimulating you much more well informed the material good that you carry through this world, Pisces. You might be ready to upgrade an gadget or repair the list of items on your to-do list. Consider the financial and environmental benefits before removing anything from your home. If it can be fixed, you should try to save it. On Tuesday, Mercury, your home and family ruler conjuncts with perceptive Neptune, Pisces ruling planet. If you’ve got an idea that you’ve been sitting on for dread of judgment, ask for help in brainstorming with your peers. Voicing committees are all around you. Invite people in your network out for coffee after the new moon on Friday morning to capture the beginnings of a reporting enterprise. Your creative energy is mirrored by the moon. She waxes in industrious Taurus on Saturday, helping to get your wheels turning.

Rachel Jo.

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