Each family has its own tradition of celebrating the holidays. However, as years passed, the fun could have dwindled a bit. The kids grew up and became awkward teenagers, the young adults have moved far or have formed new relationships, and the older folks are often left wondering where those warm, fun celebrations went. But of course, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can jumpstart the holiday spirit by thinking of new traditions that your family can start. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it sure could be that memorable once-a-year gathering. For sure, the younger ones would look forward to it, and the parents and grandparents would sure appreciate the togetherness they want the family to have. With such new traditions, it’s like having fun family reunions between Christmas and turn of the year.

Traditions can be fun, simple and creative and the only limit is your imagination. Apart from the usual gift giving and the caroling you can think of new ways to add more spice to the celebrations. Here are some suggestions that you can consider in creating new traditions during the holidays.

Family movie marathon. Horror movies may not be a usual fit during Christmas or Thanksgiving and should be best reserved during Halloween. But, a horror movie marathon can be a good way to have a good scare and make the celebrations a bit more interesting. Try to have a variation each year. Before you head to the video rental store or to Netflix; try to get what the others want to watch. It is important that everyone would enjoy the movies that would be featured.

But best of all, it would be more fun if each of the family members would make their home movie or video presentations of what happened in their lives from January to November of the same year, right? It makes the gathering more like a recap of the events in families!

Bake-off. Pit your talent in baking against the rest of the family in a family-wide holiday bake off. If you think about it, you have one year to plan and prepare your killer pastry or bread preparation. The important thing here is not the competition but the sharing of recipes and the bonding that will be strengthened as you cook some pie in the oven. Share how the year has been to you and your plans in the future while waiting for the oven clock to go off.

As you share your recipes, take time to compile it in a neat scrapbook and let other family members pitch in by showing off their creativity. This is another way of working towards a common goal that will strengthen the bond among members of the family.

Caroling. Christmas caroling is not exactly the most creative holiday tradition you can think of, right? Unless, it is caroling on steroids, that is. Make your caroling holiday tradition, unique by doing it in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, nursing homes and other places where people tend to lose hope and feel neglected especially during the holiday season.

Your family can start a noble tradition of spending more time to people that are in need of care. It does not only strengthen the bond but also gives more meaning for the reason to celebrate the season. Touching lives will give new meaning to giving thanks for the blessings that you and your family received. It will make you realize that you have an obligation to pay forward what you have been getting and being grateful that you are more fortunate than others.

Dress up Dad! It has been, what, seventeen years since you finally learned that Dad has been pretending to be Santa and that Santa does not exist. Well, it is time for payback. If Dad wants to dress up, why not help him in his life-long dream to look like a rockstar instead of a fat, bearded guy who wears red.

This could be one of the most anticipated family traditions that you could have. Days before the event, family members can gather to discuss what would be this year’s them for dress up dad. You can make the head of the family look like the president or an anime character or an anchor on CNN. The possibilities are endless and it allows the family members to pitch in their ideas and contribute to the effort.

Each family can have their own tradition. Occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to become a family again for a day or two. We spend much of our time busy with work or school. These occasions come as an oasis for the soul and fun activities can make these celebrations more fun and enjoyable.

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