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Family Resuscitates Frozen Kitty


This video from Inside Edition is a little tough to watch at first, but thankfully the ending makes it all worthwhile. The near miraculous recovery of this kitten after an hour of CPR effort by a young man named Branden Bingham is definitely a sight to behold. The name his adoptive parents gave him, Lazarus, seems fitting, if not a little tongue in cheek.

Part of the reason this video seems so amazing is the strange paradox of young animals. We tend to attribute fragility and vulnerability to babies, be they human, cat or something else entirely. And while their size and lack of large muscles can put them at a disadvantage out in the wild, physically, these brand-new creatures are actually far more resilient than their adult counterparts. In very young human children, this can even extend to regrowing small bits of lost finger, for example. Babies, even baby kittens, are built to learn a few lessons and bounce back from them.

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