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Husband Starts A Relationship With Brain-Damaged Wife’s Carer And Moves Her Into The Family Home


There is nothing more tragic than a close family member falling ill, especially if they are a parent or a spouse. When family members develop chronic or fatal illnesses, it can totally undermine the support system that holds the family together.

Thirty-one-year-old Greg Ormondroyd is a husband and father whose 36-year-old wife, Donna, was inflicted with a serious brain injury two years ago. As a result, she collapsed and stopped breathing and was put into a medically-induced coma. After three weeks, she was brought out of the coma but is currently in a vegetative state and needs 24-hour care which is provided for by her 32-year-old carer Anne Robinson. Astonishingly, however, Donna’s carer is now in a relationship with her husband, Gregg. Gregg is a full-time father to the four children he shares with his wife Donna and has now moved Donna’s carer, Anne, into their home. Donna’s friends and family are reportedly furious that Gregg has chosen to embark on a new relationship with his wife’s carer and allow her to move into the family home when Donna is still very much alive in hospital. A friend of the family explained the situation to The Sun and delved into how Donna’s family reacted, “It’s been bad enough that Donna went from a bright and bubbly young mum to someone who needs 24-hour care overnight.”

“But the fact that Gregg has started a relationship with someone who was nursing Donna, and Anne has now moved in, is very upsetting for her family. It is going on under the noses of Donna and her children, and Donna is not in a state to challenge it.”

Gregg and Anne have posted a series of photos of themselves on Facebook fuelling suspicions that they are indeed a couple. However, Gregg has no intentions of defending himself and has reacted to the outage by simply ignoring it. Anne is pictured below. “There are people who don’t know about my life looking from the outside in,” Gregg said of his decision to start a relationship with his wife’s carer. “I’ve no interest in speaking to anyone, to be honest, not at this moment in time.” “I’ve got my babies and my wife to look after, and I don’t want to make any further comment,” he added. Gregg and his wife Donna had been together for six years and had been married for just over a year when she fell ill. “I came home one day to see her being put in the back of an ambulance, she’d collapsed upstairs and had stopped breathing,” Gregg explained. “I knew then that she was in big trouble [when] it took them more than 70 minutes to revive her,” he continued. While Donna was in the hospital, her situation seemed completely hopeless. To this day, Gregg insists that he hopes Donna will eventually recover from her vegetative state and return home to her family. “They thought that she wouldn’t pull through and the next couple of days were touch and go – when she was in the coma they kept trying to wake up but you could see she just kept panicking – it was awful,” he said. “It’s turned my world completely upside down, I just want her home now – she’s stuck in that hospital with no stimulation, and she needs her kids around her, if anything will bring her back to us, it’ll be them.” We can only hope that Donna will eventually recover from her vegetative state. Although the situation doesn’t seem hopeful, she did, against all odds, manage to survive the brain injury and come out of the coma so there’s still hope yet. As for the situation between her carer and her husband, hopefully, Gregg will reach some kind of understanding with Donna’s family. Situations like these are never easy, especially when there are children involved. In the meantime, learn the story of a toddler who became brain damaged as a result of drowning. Amazingly, scientists have managed to reverse the brain damage:

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