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Family relations: types of family relations and advice on how to establish a close relationship with the family


Helpful advice of psychologists, how to rediscover happiness in the family.

There is a very good proverb about the family: “the Consent so harmony in the family treasure.” Family relations is a difficult daily work, informs Rus.Media.

To establish a family relationship, need to be able to give loved ones the love, joy, respect. Good family relationships can’t be bought for money or to build in a moment. You must discard selfishness, laziness, and other negative factors, strive to constantly evolve in order to better learn how to manage their family relationships.

Family relationships and their types

Family relationships in each cell of a society depend on such factors as the Outlook on life, principles, experience and more. So, family relationships are divided into four main types: dictatorship, collaboration, burn, laissez-faire.

It is easy to guess that family relationships, where there is dictatorship, heavy and burdensome, because the parents command the children, the older generation imposes its rule, younger, not allowing me to take the initiative. The dictatorial, family relationships often involve not only emotional, but also physical violence.

Family relationships of the second type – cooperation – based on mutual trust, ability to listen and understand, to help analyze conflict situations. They are optimal for both adults and children, as selfishness is discarded, develop skills to reach a compromise.

Very common are family relationships, which are based on custody. This refers to not just care about each other all family members, and excessive protection that prevents to improve family relationships. Family relationships, where there is excessive concern, just detrimental to the children who grow up completely maladjusted to the realities of life.

Diametrically opposed to family relations is non-interference. Parents and children do not pay attention to how to improve family relationships. These family relationships involve the passivity, indifference of the older generation to the younger, the inability to become a wise parent for a child.

How to establish family relationships

Of course, every family sooner or later, conflict begins, without which, it would seem that family relationships simply impossible.

Psychologists say that in conflict situations, family relationships can be build and to destroy. How to establish family relationship in which there was an unpleasant situation, experts give such advice.

First, you need to be able to resolve the conflict peacefully wait for the end of a quarrel, to forgive and forget the unpleasant moments, which can destroy family relationships.

Second, to establish family relationships that will help diplomacy, compromise, ability to negotiate, without offending each other.

In addition, how to establish family relationships can always tell psychologists that specializiruetsya in the area of family relations.

Think about it, to destroy the family relationship is always easier than to build them. And it turns out, in one famous saying: “What we have we cannot keep, lost – weeping”.

How to improve family relationships

Probably, all want to learn how to improve family relationships, to bring them to an even higher level.

A happy family relationship, based on caring, respect, compassion, wisdom, kindness, diplomacy, patience, ability to reach a solution to harmony.

This list goes on, stating how to improve family relationships. Don’t forget to make each other gifts, surprises, walk together, go camping or a picnic.

Joint overcoming difficulties, mutual aid, fun and joy will help you to improve family relationships. Creating happy family relationships, you not only enhance communication between family members, but themselves become better, happier, more energetic.

So, family relationships are constantly demanding from each of us of development. In order to establish family relationships, it is necessary to start first with yourself.

You need to try to build family relationships so the family has become a reliable stronghold. That is, you always have to learn how to improve family relationships, because there is no limit to perfection.


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