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Fun Family Valentine’s Day Ideas | Family Focus Blog


Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as a romantic holiday to celebrate the one we love. But we love our kid’s too, right? Of course! So why not celebrate with some whole family Valentine’s Day ideas? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start some new family friendly celebration traditions.  These ideas will get you started and maybe inspire some family Valentines Day ideas of your own.

10 Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Be a Valentine’s Day cheer spreading family. Think about those who might be lonely. Brainstorm some ways to show you care and encourage your kids to think of ideas too. Make Valentine cards, bake heart-shaped cookies or brownies, or invite them over for lunch or dinner.

2.  Don’t forget about the grandparents.  Get your kids to write notes to their grandparents then hand-deliver them (if possible) with a box of candy, a bunch of flowers, or some homemade treats. If the grandparents live far away, mail the notes with a special gift from the kids, like a drawing.

3.  Let the kids plan a scavenger hunt for Mom or Dad. This is one of my favorite family Valentine’s Day ideas. The kids can write and hide clues for mom and dad to find. The end of the hunt can end with a special gift. Some ideas might include personalized gift certificates for favors (wash car, rake leaves, clean out the garage, etc.), homemade sweets, or framed family photos. Kids love to be in charge and parents can use a break sometimes!

4. Ask your kids to tell you how they think Valentine’s Day started. Then do some online research with them to see if they’re right.  Get them to write a story about Valentine’s Day based on what they learn.

5.  Personalize Valentine’s Day for each child. What would your kids like most from you? One child might be craving more quality time with you while another may feel loved with words of affirmation. The best gifts we can give our kids are not material things, but things that feed their heart and soul.  

6.  Mail your kids a Valentine’s card.  In this day of emails and text messages, finding a special card in the mailbox is a treat! Your kids will love getting something special in the mail. Be sure to write a heartfelt note in each card.

7.  Let the kids make an “I love you because” book for someone. Out of all of these family Valentine’s Day ideas, this is the keepsake one! They can write special messages, include drawings or add favorite photos. They’ll enjoy making the booklet, and the recipient will cherish it.

8.  Make Valentine’s Day a “red day” at your house. Decorate the house (or just a room) with red heart garland, streamers, and balloons. Wear a red outfit and serve heart-shaped red velvet pancakes (or just add red food coloring). Make heart-shaped sandwiches for your kid’s lunch boxes.

9.  Tell your kids about how you celebrated Valentine’s Day when you were their age. Then they can ask their grandparents how they celebrated when they were young. Talk about the different ways Valentine’s traditions have changed through the years and how they’ve stayed the same.

10. Play a Valentine’s Game. You can play Valentine’s Day Bingo or do a Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle. There are lots of adorable Valentines Day free printables you can use.

While you should still celebrate the special day with the one you love, these family Valentine’s Day ideas are perfect to make your kids feel included in a holiday that’s all about love.


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