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The Best Family Movies for Family Movie Night – Friday We’re in Love


Looking for family movies that kids and adults will both enjoy? We’ve got you covered with this list of 52 family movies (one for each week of the year!) that the whole family will love.

The Best Family Movies for Family Movie Night

My favorite night I looked forward to most as a child was a family movie night at home. My parents had three little children while my dad was in graduate school with a fourth (me) on the way. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they did believe in family fun and creating memories with our without money.

We looked forward to Saturday nights immensely as children. They meant we could either watch one of the two VHS tapes we owned or, occasionally we’d splurge and run to the video store to find the best family night movies we could all enjoy together.

Usually, there was homemade pizza involved which only made the night even cooler n my eyes. But there was one thing we could always bank on. My mom made two bowls of homemade popcorn: caramel corn and a savory flavor. We’d all sit on the floor, snuggle up, and enjoy a family movie night at home.

Family Movie Night Tradition

When my son hit two and we decided to allow movie time, we agreed we wanted a family movie night at home to be one of our traditions too. It’s pretty easy to whip up a pizza either from my mom’s quick homemade pizza recipe or from carry out. It’s easy to make it feel like a really special family night. In fact, I recently published a post about How to Make Family Movie Night a Tradition You’ll All Love. All these tips are great in any combo, and all fairly easy to do. But one thing we’ve found isn’t always so easy: finding the best family night movies we’ll all enjoy.

We’ve had a lot of misses, and luckily a few hits. We have really learned to appreciate filmmakers who put their time and talent into making movies kids and adults can both be entertained by. Those are the movies we’ll gladly watch on repeat and know we’ll all enjoy quality together time while watching.

The Best Family Movies for Family Movie Night That Parents and Kids Can Enjoy Together

(In no particular order, and sequels are also highly encouraged!)

I feel like I could continue this easily with every Disney and Pixar movie, lots of families gravitate to those! Even with that, we’ve found some are less fun for adults. Several haven’t kept our toddler’s attention. But overall, each family is different, and they are all worth a shot!

There are several of our favorites, and I’d love to have you add any your family has enjoyed in the comments. A good movie parents and kids love are always in order!

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