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Vortex Genie Family


The Vortex Genie Family of vortex mixers comprises of 6 different models designed for various applications. Below we will discuss and compare the key features and benefits of each model to help you pick the best model to meet your needs.

Vortex Genie 1

The Vortex Genie 1 provides violent high-speed vortexing. It has an easy-to-use touch on operation and a large 6mm orbit for aggressive vortexing of difficult to mix samples. This unit is suitable for cold rooms and incubators.

Vortex Genie Pulse

The true pulsing action of the Vortex Genie Pulse provides more collisions and random motion making it ideal for the most demanding lab operations and for applications requiring more aggressive action than standard vortexing. The complete hands-free control and programmable speed and time features guarantee accurate and precise results.

Vortex Genie 2T

The Vortex Genie 2T has the same features as the analog model but with an added mechanical timer providing greater flexibility for the user. The timer function ranges from 1 to 60 seconds for touch mode and 1 to 60 minutes or continuous mode.

Vortex Genie 2

The Vortex Genie 2 is an analog unit, providing mechanical control over speed with the iconic knob. The continuous or ‘touch’ operation control gives you greater flexibility when mixing multiple samples. The variable speed ranges from 600 to 3200 rpm provides great range of applications with the Vortex Genie 2. The durable cover is made of a removable thermoplastic rubber and is highly resistant to chemicals. The unit can hold multiple tubes, flasks, and beakers with the platform attachment and the pop-off cup can hold any size or shape of microtube. The vortex mixer is completely stable, with specially designed feet to prevent the vortex mixer from moving around your bench. The hands-free operation feature means that once set to this mode, this vortex mixer can operate with all accessories without any further effort, allowing scientists to spend valuable time on other tasks.

Digital Vortex Genie 2

The Digital Vortex Genie 2 is Scientific Industries’ most programmable Vortex-Genie, with a digital display and control for adjusting speed and time. This model is ideal for documentation purposes, providing the precise and reproducible control over vortex mixing action, and displaying speeds you with the accuracy needed by even the most stringent labs and protocols. The timer function ranges from 1 to 99 seconds for “touch” mode and 1 to 99 minutes for “continuous” or hands-free mode. All other features of the unit are identical to the Vortex Genie 2.

ABI Digital Vortex Genie 2

The ABI Digital Vortex Genie 2 has all the same great features as the Digital Vortex Genie 2, except that it is designed specifically for Applied Biosystems’ Microplate Protocols ONLY.

1 sec – 60 minutes or continuous

1 sec – 99 minutes or continuous




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