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Are you wondering if you need life insurance for your family and if it is possible to get competitively-priced term life insurance? Well, life insurance is designed to help protect and provide for those we love when we die. No one wants to think about dying early but that is often the time when life insurance is most needed to help cover the family home or to help pay for a child’s education. Ensuring that you have a life insurance policy really is an act of love for your family as it tells them you want to help care for them even if you can’t be there to do it in person. And yes, getting term life insurance quickly and easily is possible. That is why I am happy to partner with Ladder to tell you how you can cut out the commissioned sales agents and have the ability to change your term life insurance policy as your needs change.

Why Life Insurance Is An Act Of Love For Your Family

Life insurance is a risk management tool and it is an important strategy for building and maintaining wealth and caring for those we love. The reason you need life insurance for your family is that it helps provide for your family in the event of your death. No one wants to think of about dying but planning ahead for this possibility truly is a gift.

The CEO of Ladder, Jamie Hale, explains, “My father died when I was 11 years old. Part of his deep, enduring legacy is that he had the forethought to get life insurance. That meant my brother, my mom, and I could stay in our house. We could be close to our friends and neighbors during a tough time. We had money for college. That stability provided me with opportunity that changed my life. Or said differently: it allowed my dad to provide me a home and an education, even though he wasn’t there himself. He couldn’t prevent his death, but he could still profoundly impact my life.”

So now that you can see just how much life insurance would be a blessing to your family by helping to pay down debt or save for your kid’s college, you are probably wondering if you can afford it. Yes, you can get competitively priced life insurance. For example, a healthy 30-year-old woman could get $100,000 of term coverage for as low $9-10 per month.

How To Get Competitively Priced Life Insurance

Many of us have had the experience of a commissioned sales agent trying to sell us life insurance. This high pressure experience can be a turn off and you never quite know if their interests are aligned with yours. In fact, the life insurance product most people need, term life insurance, is usually the least profitable product for an agent to sell. That is why Ladder is different. At Ladder, they have re-engineered life insurance from the ground up, without high priced commission sales agents, to provide the best possible customer experience at the best possible price they can offer.

Ladder has made life insurance instant, simple and smart. You can get life insurance checked off your list quickly- bringing an 8 week process down to just 5 minutes! Ladder also allows you to adjust coverage online as your needs change, saving a significant amount of money (no penalties) and time. Ladder has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg, Fast Company, and more. For busy parents, Ladder is a great (and affordable!) way to make sure their loved ones are protected.

You can apply for term life insurance in just a few minutes at LadderLife.com

Ladder Lets You Buy Life Insurance Online Quickly So You Can Get Back To Enjoying Your Family

How much will life insurance cost? If you want to buy life insurance online, one of the advantages is Ladder can help you find out how much it will cost in just a few minutes. Your monthly payment is determined based upon your age, sex, health, family medical history, and other factors. In addition, your monthly payment also depends very much on the length of your term and amount of your desired coverage. There’s no obligation to accept an offer— the choice to proceed is always up to you.

Ladder makes life insurance easy to check off your list and gives the ability to change your policy as your needs change. Learn more and get started at Ladder.

Life insurance is your contingency plan. You hope to never need it, but you’ll be glad that it’s there if you do. Are you and your family covered should something unexpected happen down the road?

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